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Out of the blue?

Since the mid 90’es in a time where IBM, Microsoft and SUN all spoke about the CORBA initiative and system architecture frameworks, it was clear to us that the force of object oriented development was the way into the future.

At the time, it also became evident to us that the relational and not the object oriented database technology, delivered the degree of performance needed to facilitate the response and speed expected of a modern system – something you still cannot find in any other architecture.

We used our knowledge acquired as solution developers on different platforms, like midrange (AS/400, UNIX) and windows to design the first version of our multitier framework.

This framework served as the foundation from which we could harvest the best features of current technology and make it available to our system developers giving them the tool to deliver fast, reliable and robust solutions in a fraction of the time our competitors needed.
Our framework, its standards and the philosophy behind it, has been the backbone of our solutions ever since.

Today we call it version 6, and it is a very important cornerstone in the core of Figurator.


The applications found in Figurator, is not an untried concept either. It is in fact the sum of a series of standard systems and modules, we have been developing and selling for the last two decades.
All this has been evolved and converged into a fully featured ERP platform that we have named FIGURATOR.

So you see – Figurator is not just out of the blue.


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