In-House, SaaS, Hybrid or Cloud?

The contemporary attitude about where IT systems should live, has a tendency to be very black and white where we hear that it has to be in the cloud being shouted from every rooftop and almost at any cost. In our perspective, there are many factors in making the right choice. The bottom line for us is that you as a system owner should be able to make that decision – and even change your mind about it without having to replace your systems to get it to work or paying through the nose to get it done.


Most of the ERP systems available today seems to have been developed using the theoretically optimal system architecture you can find in the textbooks of the universities as the main design criteria. This has been at the cost of transparency, speed and responsiveness, slowing almost all interaction with the systems significantly down. Some high-end systems has even subsequently had to disabled functionality you would take for granted, like real-time access to account balances to avoid killing daily operation completely. Figurator is designed to yield lightning fast response, and we have speed as one of the top 3 most important design aspects.

Framework Based

At the heart of our software, you will find what actually could be described as a development platform using an object oriented approach to maximize reuse and access to complex functionality with the luxury of letting you as a programmer concentrate on what you want to do instead of how you do it. Reuse of your programmer skillset If you have experience in tools like X++ (Axapta development tool), you will be up productive in no time and even find that a lot of the restrictions you have been living with is gone and at the same time discover a whole new world of possibilities in one coherent platform.

Layered Structure

Unlike many other ERP platforms, Figurator offers extendibility in a way that allows 3rd party modules to seamlessly integrate with native functionality that also can be specialized to suit local needs on individual installations. In the extender tools of Figurator the sourcecode is divided into 3 layers; System, 3rd party, and local layer. This structure allows update to new versions with much more accuracy and less effort than you would have to engage in other systems – if they even let you customize by code.


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