Conference Center Software System

One thing is to maximize your space utilization, another thing is to get all the small details lined up so your customers receive the service they expect and maybe just a little more to make them remember you as the perfect host. The Figurator package makes it possible for your staff to collaborate efficiently, without having to switch between several software packages that maybe even require several repetitions of the same data to make things work.

Conference Management
Room Booking with workflow
Graphical resource overview
Promotional Pricing
Registration Check-In
Attendee Badges
3.rd party service provider coordination 
Customer interaction track history
Workflow controllable sales cyclus
Integrated Segmentation
Telemarketing Call integration
Event as a dimension
Expence accrual  & tracking
Deposit Payment plans
OLAP integration
Service & Work Orders
Lumpsum / item Packages
Track Ordered vs consumed quantity
Stock functionality
Event Management
Booking workflow
Ticket issue
Admission control
B2B Internet portal
Dynamic Inventory Item Management
Event based Pricing
Item sub rent


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