Once upon a time

It was necessary to xerox your vendor invoices before sending them out to the organization to secure the original should the approval process either prove to be longer than the terms of payment or it simply got lost on the way.
With the fully digitalized workflow based handling offered by Figurator, you simple scan the document (if you didn’t get it as an PDF in your e-mail) – do the preregistration and do the approval process on-line. This will not only secure a readable full documented approval track, but also a clear picture of where or with who it is stuck and action can be taken to pay on time.

3-way matching
If your organization is using requisitions or purchase orders and the amount + references match, it is possible to let the approval be done automatically. The system can be set up to check against the actual received amount registered when the goods arrived / packing slip was updated as a precondition for payment authorization.

Account Payable highlights

  • Accounts Payable dashboard
  • Vendor invoice scanning and workflow based approval
  • Approval groups
  • Double payment authorization
  • Audit trail
  • Bank payment transaction export
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cross company & debtor engagement awareness


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