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To us BI is not only about looking at data in different perspectives; it is awareness of the power of your data all the way, from when it is first captured until it hits your statistics.
Advanced customizable dimension setup
Not all companies are created the same, and to get the clearest picture of your operation and transaction flow – you will need to add details structured just right to avoid unnecessary overhead in you chart of account. Figurator offers a way to utilize exactly the number of dimensions you need to do that by configuration. The best part being that you will not have to sacrifice performance like you will experience in many other systems.

Finance module highlights

  • Dimensions with validation rules
  • Budget tool
  • Journal Entry
  • Exchange rate automation
  • VAT module
  • Accrual functionality
  • End period workflow
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Transaction audit trail
Definable Inter dimensional validation
One thing is to have the dimensions;  another is to get them into play the right way at the right time.
To do that Figurator provide you with an intuitive yet powerful way of defining the rules and relations that apply between the dimensions, spanning form simple mandatory selection to complicated logical expressions.

Easy budget
Other than budget entry made easy in a spreadsheet style user interface, you will find tools to base your budget on realized figures from last year same period – all in a journal like approach where you

Financial entry
Very fast responding user interface design is one of our mantras so that every day use is as efficient and error (logical or systematic) free as possible. You will find a financial journal that is uncluttered yet rich on tools to assist in getting those transactions captured ASAP.

Balance in real time
Certain competing systems does not allow your balance to reflect the transactions committed to the system immediately. The system architecture behind FIGURATOR facilitates real time balance even with big data and many users.

Automatic exchange rate update
No more tedious daily work, entering currency exchange rates – Figurator will pull them for you and update your system automatically.

To make it possible for your results to be measured in the balance in a given period as early as possible, we have included standard functionality to recognize revenue before cash is received and expense before cash is paid out.
Dynamic, late binding VAT resolver
FIGURATOR has an advanced VAT tool, that almost eliminates the possibility of selecting the wrong type of VAT calculation and subsequently transactional mess.

End period governance
Any operation has number of similar tasks to complete when closing a bookkeeping period, but also a set of non-standard tasks – and maybe even a few that has to be done I a special sequence. How about if the system helped you with this job, by and configurable interactive checklist? Figurator does that for you, and even at the same time creates the documentation showing is was done and how.


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