Fixed Assets

Keeping track of and knowing the value of your fixed assets, whether its property, machinery, IT equipment or any other business object of value is important.

In Figurator you will not only be able to manage and customize the depreciation of your assets, you will have full track of the entire lifecycle all the way to disposal when that time comes.

Any time you will be able to document the current value of any given asset, which is important in many aspects like making sure your insurance or tax is matching and neither over nor underpaid.

In Figurator you will also find the tools needed to plan your investment in upgrading and / or replacing assets at the right time, as well as keeping physical track of where they are if needed.

Fixed Assets highlights


  • Fixed Asset Profile
  • Batch handling (creation, transactions)
  • Full Lifecycle
  • Tracking
  • Financial Leasing
  • Standard Depreciation Metods


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