Electronic document delivery

Todays technology enables us to save money, simply by delivering documents electronically. Unfortunately this is not a metod without its pitfalls. You have your spam filters, personalized in-boxes, system errors, human errors etc. all of them can prevent your important document from arriving and being processed so your invoice gets paid, your reminder gets attention or your offer is considered – all very important for your business and almost certainly will cost you money if they never arrive.

Using Figurator you will get an array of tools to help you realize and act if the mail you sent actually never was opened, and empowers you to take preemptive measures as soon as possible if that Is the case. You can even let the system do the monitoring, and tell you if this situation occurs.

Cash is king – this is the new mantra out there. Your customers has different level of tolerance towards reminders, and some gets more slack than others. For that you need a system that can be configured to handle reminders based on the various politics and way your reminders are carried out – all the way to automated handover to your external incasso company. All controlled via journals so you have a very clear picture of who and what is hit by reminders, before they actually is executed.

Accounts Receivable Highlights

  • Customer Dashboard
  • Import payment transactions
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Interest notes
  • Reminder notes
  • Document delivery control (e-mail, print, EDI)
  • Payment pattern profiler
  • Cross company engagement awareness
  • Blocking workflow (manual or automated)
  • Customer grouping
  • Multiple address handling


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