Project Management

No projects is completely the same, so the way you manage them should be configurable enough to reflect not only the agreements you made with the customer is translated into measurable milestones but also how and when you are getting there.
You need the depth of the structures to evolve as you develop the project right from the beginning – way before any signatures has been given.
You need a visual and clear representation of you plan in all phases and at all times during the lifespan of the project.
In Figurator you will even be able to handle those small day to day assignments, that does not qualify for the level of administration a full blown project would call for.
You are able to define templates of structure, workflow and umbrella / frame agreements that can serve as a default when you create new projects.
Resource Management is made easier using our planboard, where you get the overview you need to utilize your resources in the best way, in a top down visual tool.

Project Management highlights


  • Customizable workflows
  • Dynamic structures
  • Time & Material Registration
  • Gantt Diagrams
  • Planboard
  • Project and workflow templates


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